Matters needing attention
&Nbsp;     1, rent a car, you should first understand the want to rent cars performance, price and rental car documents required.  

2, when booking by phone requires that you leave detailed information has been prepared for a rainy day.  

book best 3, 1 or 2 days in advance, booking vehicles require 2 or 3 days in advance of the weekend.  

4, with the number of days should be the minimum number of days, such as insufficient advance telephone renewal.  

5, when all the documents required, most documents are originals.  

6, after browsing the contents of the contract carefully before signing contracts before signing.  

7, departure and return vehicle should look, confirm that is correct and then sign the document.  

8, driving a car, pay attention to safety.  

9, once an accident happens, you should inform the relevant Department as soon as possible, be sure to have a traffic accident judgment proof or safety Committee. Both of which insurance claims must be proven. Insurance must be in for the first time

notice of not more than 24 hours at the latest  

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