Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo

Terms of appearance, compared with the old POLO, the new POLO new aggressive design is really eye-catching, while Faw-VW Golf 6 has given us no little surprise, but see the new POLO, I can still feel the difference between them. Front design of the Volkswagen family-still appears on top of a whole new generation of POLO, but shorter body and new headlight design can still make us recognize this is a POLO. In addition, the body side of the new POLO is no longer as bloated as the old models, and sharp lines and radical design even easier to create than the Golf 6 impulses, end of the line is dominated by steep, and rounded square tail design also makes it easy to discern it different with other VW models.

the interiors, Interior overall process of the new POLO still maintained a relatively high level, and this has also been a POLO a big selling point, apart from the console without using a soft material, I do not say interior of the new POLO which points I'm not happy with the place. Three wheel design, Peugeot, black center console design, can make us feel that this is a genuine VW models and brand new POLO with high version also has a front-row seat heating, leather wrapped seats is a useful configuration, but only the hat model has seemed a bit embarrassed.

     power, carried by the new POLO is still 1.4L and 1.6L engine, and that there is no any dynamic parameters adjustment in 1.6L, for example, Max 77kw, 155N • maximum torque m parameter is constructed, and two matching engine is a 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic gearbox of one version, New POLO taking into account the cost without introducing mass 1.4TSI+DSG for the latest combination, appears to introduce the probability is not very big in the future.  

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