Volkswagen LaVida

Volkswagen LaVida

LaVida 1.6L/2.0L/1.4T three displacement models in total. Among them, the 1.6L engine is well known to members of the new POLO engine, after resetting the 105 horsepower, but does not provide a strong impetus for LaVida. Combined with its popular classic MQ200 gearboxes, this transmission in a large range of models appearing in the popular series, has matured as a transmission, very smooth shifting time, user experience is very good.

     lang Plaza of addition a advantage is equipped with has many hi-tech configuration, as ESP body dynamic electronic stable system can significantly improve body stability, is current car anti-sliding device of highest form; addition, ABS+EBD, and HHC ramp auxiliary system, and GRA set speed cruise and the intelligent of automatically anti-dazzling within rearview mirror, configuration, are let owners in do enjoy hi-tech brings of convenience, and efficient of while, more added a copies security guarantees.

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