Volkswagen Bora

Volkswagen Bora

In shape, development of new Bora with traditional Chinese lion dance as inspiration. Seen from the front angle of 45 degrees in the past, new Polaris Polaris classic version has some differences, new Bora looks more atmospheric, bearing extraordinary, lion-eye headlamps have a deterrent power emanates, from the side of the body to see the past, new Bora body lines smooth and elegant, more slender, show between virtuality and the mighty lion.

     interior design, new Polaris embodies Germany Volkswagen on a-class comfort redefined. In combination with functional interior equipment and pure Germany gene based on the new will come for every owner to provide a new set of practical and comfortable vehicles for both choices. The overall design of the simple, symmetrical and balanced; the dashboard shape and unique, clear and reasonable, more humane. Basketball seating not only can meet in the shape of ride comfort, movement and more ornamental.

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