Buick Regal

Buick Regal

Dynamic design, superior power is a symbol of British GT lang. It continues the Buick logo surrounded by 360 degrees of integrated design, British GT lang interiors follow the principle driving Center, control panel in the dashboard, surrounded around the driver's seat, which presents a feast for the excitement and sense of unity. Sport Sport mode, bring the vehicle into motion calibration mode, more linear accelerator pedal, achieve a more hearty speedup.

smooth handling and luxurious interiors to bring Lacrosse makes a selling point. Enhanced optimization before McPherson strut suspension, enhanced optimization design multi-link suspension makes the vehicle when faced with different road surfaces even more comfortable, controlled more smoothly. Ice Blue Ice blue surrounding atmosphere inside the car lights, clear, blue LED light embellishment in the upper and lower instrument panel, between the door handle and the driver front passenger side, create a night cabin environment, add quiet elegant atmosphere to the cockpit.

Buick Regal Buick was a luxury flagship, the contemporary design, personalized fine interiors and luxurious high-tech configuration, fully embodies the respect for leadership, a strong driving force for smooth and quiet rides to meet the height requirements for their business car

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