Buick GL8

Buick GL8

Buick GL8 car design elegant atmosphere, body length 5256mm, width 1878mm, high 1772mm (shark-fin-type antenna for 1800mm), the wheelbase is 3088mm, family-owned Buick Facebook in part increased recognition.

Interior dominated by beige, display panels with wood grain trim. Four-spoke multifunction steering wheel integrated instrument brightness control, car phone, audio adjust function. Steering wheel design on both sides of the headlight adjustment button and Keyless Start System.

GL8 replacement main competence is reflected in 3.0L models, 2.4L models only a small facelift in the form of competitiveness, there is a need to promote cost-effective sales, and high-end Mercedes-Benz only Jarno, low wind still put pressure on the GL8.

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