Buick excelle

Buick excelle

Designs: 2011 new kaiyue moderate maturity-oriented design, shape and a lot of changes compared to older. Body size for 4515mm/1725mm/1445mm, the wheelbase is 2600mm. Car 3D chrome waterfall grille and u-shaped hood, a u-shaped air intake integrated smart, two diamond-like headlamps compared to older more; the tail design seems to want to highlight the elements of fashion; irregularly shaped taillights of the car using the popular LED technology, improves the car's sense of fashion. In addition, excelle LX 1.6L manual models equipped with electric sunroof, became joint venture less than 100,000 yuan brand first configuration window models.

     interior design: excelle deep under the light color on the Interior gives a warm and family feel, appropriate wood grain and silver decorative plate matching is reasonable and not a lot of cars that are too old. Workmanship and materials of the center console, at the same price of models in a good level. 2011 Buick excelle dynamic modern style derived from Buick's future design DNA, fine grade interiors equipped with luxury and technology, highlighting the level.

     power: 2011 all the biggest highlight is the increase of engine power, efficient use of fuel 1.6L Twin-Tec the engine, the engine is DOHC 16V dual overhead camshaft design, again after calibration, excelle 2011 to achieve a maximum power of 81 kW/6000rpm and 146 Nm &Nbsp;/3600rpm maximum torque, power lifting nearly 4%. Lifting power at the same time, through the optimization of the speed shifting mechanism, the new Buick excelle in the premise of power output is not affected in any way and achieved a fuel consumption improvement of 3%, reflecting the Green environmental protection idea.

     Buick excelle front design 3D chrome waterfall grille and u-shaped, u-shaped air intake engine cover cleverly into "three shields in one", claims lines follow the golden ratio aesthetics, dynamic tension. Three-dimensional layered Crystal diamond headlight, "8" Wick style interpretation of aesthetic feelings of the East.

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