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The world's cheapest car listing India "NA nu" humble level the amazing

How much money do the cheapest car in the world? India Tata Motors today listed the Nano (Nano) sedan gives the answer: you only need to spend approximately 16,000 yuan can have this four-door sedan.  

However, you shouldn't get too excited early, in order to control costs, manufacturers play Slappy backfired. In order to achieve each India target of people can afford to buy cars, na nu-car configuration is simple to the point of no longer simple. Here, the voice of China will accompany you to visit in advance:  

"nano (Nano)" the word from Greece language root meaning is very, very small. Nano car's shape is more like a European car, flat nose blunt tail, total length of 3.1 metres, 1.5 meters wide, but the roof is relatively high, 1.6 meters. It uses rear-wheel drive, exhaust only 0.62 l, 4.1 liters fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, speeds up to 95 miles per hour.  

this mini car, no air conditioning, no power steering, no bumpers, no airbag, no radio, gave up power Windows, even gave up the passenger side mirror, and only one windshield wiper, is known locally as cheap "people's car".  

Tata Group announced in a high profile: Nano production next year will exceed 250,000. Why primitive car would have such a broad market? Xinhua News Agency stationed in India's capital New Delhi journalist Lian Haidong explained that the Nano appears to be crude and even some unreasonable configuration, but caters to India status of traffic:  

Lian Haidong: India people in traffic security relative for sensitive degree than lower, General of traffic accident in India people seems are not as accident processing, regardless of is in Mumbai, and Delhi also is India of rural, General of rear accident, and car of scraping rub accident, India people both not called police, also not for so-called of settled, everyone mutual playing about greeted, said about Hello, on their walked away has. India many people even have mirrors, they will pick up the rear-view mirror, for fear of being scratch because India unlike China has such a good traffic order on the streets, basically is to literally stop, literally, just open the car, even said that if most of the road is not a very good way, regardless of their driveway. And India streets of all kinds of animals, cattle and sheep are free to walk in the streets, traffic accidents more frequently. Now India ran along the streets of private cars is the Suzuki Alto, swift, NANU them a lot cheaper. India's capital New Delhi is the main taxi and motorcycle, in India's most developed cities of Mumbai, taxis, there are two, there is no air conditioning, no electric Windows. Overall, India most people, many middle class people work is a motorcycle, if you use nano instead of taxis will still be comfortable.

However, the Nano's ambitions are not confined to India on this market together. Perhaps soon, it will leave India. President of Tata Group, China has made it clear: NANU's ambition is to promote the world's cheapest car market, so the Nano in India listed is only a first step, the next step will be to enter the international market, China will be the priority targets. Maybe one day, your on the street in China, will be able to see the little Nano. In this connection, the special connection of the voice of China auto industry analyst Jia xinguang:  

voices of China: Jia, Sir. Our reporter mentioned just now, Nano is ideal for India country, you think, it will have a market in China, and that market is bigger?  

Jia xinguang: in theory, China also needs cheap cars, but NANU came to China, mainly has a problem, that is, if it was imported, customs duties and other taxes, the price will rise a lot. If you want to produce in China will have a joint venture production, which takes a long time, so in General, it is not like in India price is so low.

voices of China: ever get so popular?

Jia xinguang: if it's price, can still be sold in some areas.

voices of China: we know that many Chinese own-brand mini cars such as QQ, Jaguar automobile factory been bought, and NANU's market position. Once satisfied that the efforts to enter the Chinese market, for our own brands in this area, the impact big?  

Jia xinguang: as said, if it were imports, had little impact on us, price will certainly be higher if local production, will be strong in price competitiveness. Because India is very fast-growing automobile industry, will soon become our competitors, which we thought should have been prepared for.

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