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Small car boom in global

France Government's "new car replacement policy" to buy small car owners can enjoy subsidies of 200 to 1000 euros. According to France, environment and energy control agency report, released April 8, France small, environmentally friendly cars in 2008, has developed rapidly, bolstered by Government policy, many car dealers, consumers will be looking towards smaller cars.  

     in recent years, small cars won the favor of consumers. The so-called small cars, usually refers to the displacement of around 1.0 liter of "mini", its fuel consumption of 5 litres per 100 kilometres, compared with emissions at about 1.4-litre car, per hundred kilometres to save about 4 liters of oil. Family car in general terms and that small cars can save thousands of liters of oil per year. There are many advantages of small cars, starting with fuel consumption small, can save families spending; second is cheap, working-class affordable; it is very important, that is, the protection of the environment. Urban sharp increase in motor vehicles, motor vehicle exhaust fumes have become a major source of urban air pollution. Emissions from small small car strengths, making it generally welcomed by environmentalists.

     in Europe, small cars have become a consumer trend. As the global energy shortage and high oil prices, energy efficient, green concept gradually popular in the global automotive industry. Under the influence of a third oil crisis, European countries started to develop small cars. Governments have introduced positive measures to encourage small car. Russia Moscow City Government recently announced that it would buy smaller cars owners to distribute free gas cards, United Kingdom Treasury grants for small eco-car drivers, Korea Government of displacement less than 0.8 l cars exempt from special consumption tax, Japan mini special preferential rates for pollution.

     small cars is not only good for the environment, but also contribute significantly to sales to help companies survive the crisis. Last year, despite the financial crisis confronted, national sales of small cars are way higher. In France, almost all of the top ten best-selling cars list for small-engine car. In contrast, large cars, luxury car sales are down under the impact of the financial crisis. Global financial crisis reflect defects of high energy-consuming economic development model, energy saving and emission reduction, low prices and other factors become cars prioritize issues. Displacement of small, good number of cars will become the dominant trend, let us wait and see.

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