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Coaches like tour missed one of your favorite places and behave as law-abiding citizens walking trips, traveling abroad you will like it like this? However, if you bring your own vehicle and think where to go, will not be bound by it.  

like Korea, if you include local tour or Jeju Island tour itinerary, car rental travel more convenient, especially on Jeju Island, traffic is relatively uncomplicated, car rental travel best. Natural bathing beach such as Phuket and Bali tours, if you want to experience the beach style, big and small, it is best to rent a car, screaming all the way around.

However, when are you going to overseas car rental self drive tours, originally a number of considerations. South Lake travel • West holiday outbound tourism experts told reporters that the outside due to differences in traffic regulations, car rental formalities and the domestic, so detailed understanding of overseas car rental in advance of "study" is necessary.

rent a car note before

car rental before the holiday, in addition to passports, visas or other documents necessary to travel outside certain issues relating to a driver's license. We don't need to have the so-called "international driver's license" in order to drive in a foreign country. In fact, valid driver's license issued by any State, if accompanied by a translation in other languages, that is, being considered a valid driver's license, car rental car is no problem.

like Korea, only drivers are over the age of 22, driving more than 1 years, submit copy of passport can rent-a-car. Malaysia self drive tour procedure is simple, as long as you provide individual copies of the domestic driving permit, passport, photos and other information, to host travel agency.

Secondly, in the process of booking, international credit card is a prerequisite for international car rental tour. Tourism experts say overseas car hire is usually not required to pay high deposit, simply pay by credit card rental  . Use of international credit cards for successful loan move to better quality vehicles is very helpful, because foreign car rental companies generally considered to have international credit card users, have been the rigorous examination of the Bank, the customer's creditworthiness and   higher levels of disability, thus reducing the risk of car rental companies themselves.

in addition, before travel, but also made sure that the local traffic rules and avoid exposure to unnecessary trouble. To confirm that the destination is the car or left rudder right rudder. Such as Phuket, Singapore, and Malaysia's cars are right rudder, need to adapt quickly, so you'd better hire an automatic car. Also learn some knowledge of road signs in advance, pay attention to traffic laws and special provisions.

at the beginning of the journey  

as set car, best select chain dot more, and reputation service good of company, price may will high some, but guarantees is more full, as international chain of Hertz international car rental company (Hertz), and An Fei scholar car rental (Avis), in European is consider loan European car (Europcar) of vehicles, as in United States, and Canada, is can scheduled Ba Jite (Budget) of vehicles, in airport on can smooth take   car since driving has.

choose a car rental company, according to travel and the number of courses tailored to determine rental cars. If you come to Phuket and Bali, the better roads, scenic coastal route, you can choose romantic Roadster; the road complex, mountain, choose SUVs and larger or more baggage, the proposed selection of larger commercial vehicles.

driving in a foreign country, security has become paramount. "Security" includes not only human security, including the safety in the event of accidents, even though we're fine, car damage will also involve huge amounts of compensation. At this point, buy insurance on rental cars outside a very important part in the process.

when travelling by car

determination of the route is the key to the whole rental process, known as Korea Jeju Island, Hawaii, sea views are the most attractive. Here, the 12th ring road is the most classic line Coast Highway, Jeju Island, around turn around soon.

in addition, must be in before departure, equip themselves with an updated and accurate traffic pattern. According to the road traffic route map, use the pen to draw a route to go, especially in places set aside the transfer of Highway markers tips, directions, plan to drive away from the main road and go fairly well.

driving abroad was unfamiliar, if not too sure, be sure to ask for directions. Of course, the best hand hold the map, and map out where you want to go, can make up for the shortage of language problems.   If you got lost, safe and convenient way is down the road next to the gas station, usually get a satisfactory answer. If you are afraid of trouble, the best in travel rent a GPS satellite navigation system.

at the end of the journey

rental car process, everything is very simple. Car rental companies to check the condition, key recovery, settlement-related costs.

issues needing attention, is the settlement of fuel costs. Current gas payment methods there are three main types: is also car to fill up the tank; the second is will not fill up the drive back to the rental company store, and the   oil fee paid under section; the third is a whole barrel of oil money in advance before using vehicles. Choose the first method. The second way, outside of gasoline, car rental companies, and additional service fees. And there is a third way, car rental company   may charge a service fee, left in unused parts of the gas in the tank, car rental companies were not returned. Oil prices also vary greatly in different locations, for example, gas station near the airport is more expensive, small town price   low.

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