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Increase in the domestic small car sales in the first quarter

After the revitalization of the automotive industry-related policies, domestic auto market bottomed in the first quarter. Several auto executives said market conditions have far exceeded expectations, small cars most of them benefit from first-quarter sales increase of nearly 22%.

     halved the 1.6 liters or less purchase tax for passenger cars, cars with smaller engines after the implementation of policies in the countryside, small cars and crossovers-type passenger car sales, which led to the warming of the domestic automobile market.

     data from the China Association of automobile manufacturers showed that a quarter of this year, passenger car sales total of 1.9957 million units, an increase of 7.81%. Cross-sales of passenger vehicles to 431,000 vehicles, an increase of 34.78%; 1.6 liters or less cars at 1.4114 million vehicles were sold in the first quarter, an increase of 21.93%.

     small cars market speculation the transnational auto giants were jealous. Cenozoic performance in GM's global midsize car Chevy Cruze 18th will be sold in China, 1.6 l, 1.8 l displacement six different configurations, of which 4 species displacement of 1.6 liters.

     even luxury-car companies are also beginning to aggravating smaller passenger cars. Mercedes-Benz will import smart fortwo into China market, 4 comes standard with micro hybrid drive, displacement 1.0L  smart fortwo only sells for 158,000 to 206,000. It also hit the price of imported luxury cars in China the lowest, smallest displacement records. Mercedes-Benz (China) President and Chief Executive Officer, "said 1.6 liters consumption tax by half, raise taxes on imported cars with big engines and other policy, shows that the Chinese Government encourages small cars, this is our developing import strategies need to focus on the issue. On the future introduction of new models, design and research and development will be affected by this. ”

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