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Fuel efficient maintenance of four "takes note of" car timeless

1. takes note of when air filter maintenance maintenance car, first pay attention to maintenance the air filter, its role was to purify the air in entering the cylinder, if fuel exceeds the standard or too dirty, will impede the air flow, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Tests show that as fuel oil too dirty, oil level too high will increase fuel consumption by more than 20%. So pay attention to regular maintenance, membrane then coated with a certain amount of oil after each cleaning, lubricants according to the scale at the bottom of a standard raise.


2. pay attention to carbon clear second, we must pay attention to carbon clear. Combustion chamber deposits more likely to cause spontaneous combustion of the air/fuel mixture, resulting in decreased power. If too much carbon, will increase fuel consumption by about 8%, so that in two-level maintenance and demolished for other reasons to seriously clear when the cylinder combustion chamber and Pistons top of Coke, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.


3. maintain muffler silencer should also pay attention to maintenance, this estimate is that many owners have not noticed. Muffler is designed to reduce noise, it's main function is to remove some noise, pollution-reduction, but on the other hand it prevents emission of exhaust, consuming some power. If the muffler cracked damaged, will further prevent emission of exhaust flow, increasing fuel consumption. Therefore usually pay attention to muffler, if damage is found, it is timely for removal or replacement.


4. adjust the tire pressure in addition, also pay attention to adjust tire pressure, brake performance of the vehicle, engine preventive maintenance at least once a year, long-term disorders will fuel consumption of the engine.

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