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Fake car car rental market is no impact

cottage cars along with the cottage, cottage Spring Festival evening show, fake football team became a hot topic? This impact on automobile rental industry? Let me start from the cottage:

     said knockoff cars to assemble than cars? Said assembled cottage is a new Word to say I'm afraid everyone knew it! Assembling cars in China's history of at least 30 years, meaning that fake car many years, just had a different name for it.

     fortress in ancient times when the term refers to the outlaw camp occupied, now cottage means there are counterfeit or forged goods suppliers or to issue a quick imitation of informal workshops. Cottage area from light industrial products to the imitation of the cultural entertainment, cottage is said to be pervasive, and now even has a large products such as car its a knockoff.  

     in the reform and opening up, assembling car companies around a lot, especially in the coastal areas of Guangdong, many enterprises through smuggling or by other methods, the introduction of foreign auto parts assembled in the Mainland, after the brand sold in the domestic market. Remember there are two prominent brands, one is Samsung motors in Guangdong, it is primarily assembled Japan Mitsubishi SUV and the United States business of Chrysler minivan. And second home is Guangdong of clouded leopard car, this factory main assembled of is United States Ford of business car and the Nissan Nissan of travel car, this two home in at of assembled process aspects do of also is good of, but also to mention of is this two home enterprise of assembled aspects is not mass of parts assembled, but only in vehicles Shang of small pieces Shang for assembled, so quality also is can of.  

     lorry and then began to take root in mainland, Hebei region in Northeast China, and even assembling production enterprises in Beijing a lot. Most of those assembled models mimic other enterprise maturity model. Assembled assembled 212, Cherokee, and so on. Quality accommodation in these vehicles have a lot of quality, but because society's ever-increasing demand for vehicles, and regular car production plant in the country's production is very limited and, of course, purchase policy reasons, buy regular vehicles is rare, so they turn to assembling cars or modified cars. Is a result of market demand for larger, assembled makes a lot of good quality businesses survived, becoming independent brands of pillar enterprises, whereas those poor quality of Assembly of vehicle breakdowns high, without a comprehensive after-sales service guarantee assembly plant closed down.  

     the above is simple about assembling cars or fake car development, said the prevailing economic and social conditions can still survive in some assembly operations also have some opportunities to grow. But that was the old things. Now I'm afraid it will be difficult to emerge.  

now there is a lorry or that fake car, I think it's not a good thing for consumers both for society and even for enterprises is not a good thing. For consumers to buy fake cars, affordable in price but the quality of the vehicle, vehicle after sales support will be a problem, for social, cars to appliances such as mobile phones, mobile phone is bad you can get a new, not a great deal of loss, at least not bodily injury to himself and others. But the car would have been different, related to himself and others and the social property of car, is awfully big Ah! So fake towards society is a very scary thing. For making shanzhai companies assembling vehicles in the near future may bring a certain amount of profit, but in mass production of automobile enterprises development is out of the question. While cars now use more and more of the new technology, automotive standards are getting higher and higher, if there is no traffic overall developing full technology, research and development, manufacturing, and sales network and service network are not sound enough to survive. In today's competitive pressures so great market even the informal enterprises are hard to survive, let alone assembling production of fake car?  

     for copycat car appear, I want to say is fake car is totally unacceptable, we should not encourage these cottage enterprises or individuals, it should be clear that shanzhai can cause hazard is enormous.

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