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Dongfeng Peugeot 2,072 hatchback because he knew the intimate

After Dongfeng Peugeot 2,073 hatchback officially listed at the end of last year, 2,072 hatchback was also stunning debut in the near future. From 307 series model, 207 series debut of Peugeot is still implemented "3+2" strategy. 2,073 hatchback market-proven, by virtue of its excellent design, good handling, excellent safety performance, is gradually gained good reputation and market share. As 2,073 hatchback models, recent debut of 2,072 hatchback will rely on how the features and advantages, to win the favor of consumers?

style   building owners fashion "business card"

cars for people, not just the travel tools, but attribution of identity, value labels. We have reason to believe that Peugeot 2,072 hatchback will become prominent owners of fashion, elegance of the most prominent label. With 2,073 hatchback with "birth" blood, 2,072 hatchback also has a stylish sporty look. Big mouth grille, large solid lions and Lions eye headlamps echoes, plus the vehicle smooth stretches of line, build more stylish and atmospheric, dynamic 2,072 hatchback.

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