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Domestic auto sales is a real sign of recovery

First quarter of the year, total vehicle sales reached 2.6788 million units in China surpassed the United States, claimed the top spot in global auto sales.

     at the end of the global financial crisis has not yet hit cases, China's auto industry has made impressive performance is valuable, is the most difficult phase in China's economy made the most valuable contribution was timely assistance to China's economy.   


     decline in external demand is the greatest threat to China's economic, domestic, stimulating domestic consumption is the most effective countermeasures to prevent the marked decline in China's economy. However, the start of domestic consumption is very wide, domestic consumer market is very big, where to start is the most effective and timely, it is worth thinking about.

     start domestic car consumption most effective for promoting China's economic recovery. Automobile industry chains, pulling the industry, including steel, rubber, petrochemical and other key industries. United States to become the world's leading economic power, and the rapid development of the auto industry are inseparable. Precisely because of the development of the automobile industry, promoted the United States economy dramatically and to a higher level. United States national titles on the wheels. Although the manufacturing industry encountered unprecedented difficulties, including the automobile industry, increasingly fierce international competition, some experts believe is a sunset industry in the world, but, as with a population of 1.3 billion, China, car has just started in the home, and China's auto industry to talk about exports, is for domestic sales, the potential is still very high. In particular rely on the auto industry development to launch domestic demand and stimulate consumption, economic growth is very important. Policy is the key to the right way.

     a malaise in the global auto industry financial crisis, some famous international auto companies close down at the edge, can outshine the Chinese auto industry, mainly thanks to the right policies. International oil prices fell sharply, falling domestic prices of gasoline and diesel case, national launch of 1.6 liters or less on small cars halved the sales tax levy, auto policies in the countryside, the tax imposed on car sales reduction effects are obvious. Without supporting too much data, from the side of consumers, many people believe that oil prices are not expensive, taxes are not high, the price right, car car cost reduction, is an opportunity to buy a car.

     car is a real final consumption, economy drive has a substantive role. Car sales are starting domestic demand, stimulating consumption policy effects the most powerful proof of, is the substantive signs of economic recovery in China. This sign must safeguard, develop and guide, especially in the most critical period for China's economic development.

     author suggests, stepping up efforts to implement well under many countries have issued favorable policies, it is necessary to further reduce road traffic costs, fee for crossing the bridge and even highway toll every possible means to maintain oil price stability, prevent arbitrarily raise prices of refined oil products occurs. In oil product prices and to promote automobile consumption on the balance of economic stimulation, which is far more effective than the former, much, much larger. In this regard, the decision must remain sober-minded, especially in the depth of the financial crisis on China's economy the key period.

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