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Do not privately provide car rentals with good "parts"

Beijing, a car rental company, renting vehicles equipped with the driver, by the city's traffic law enforcement team identified as illegal business, fine at 60,000 yuan. Pure car rental company refuses to accept punishment, take city's traffic law enforcement team to court. On April 9, the Xicheng court hearing of the case.

on November 25 last year, the price of the car rental company to 800 Yuan to rent a car to a company, 4 employees of this company take a bus tour. The same day, traffic enforcement agents at the Juyongguan great wall inspection of law enforcement in the car park when the driver is provided by the car rental company. After the city's traffic law enforcement team to make the decision on administrative penalty, and considers that the company engaged in passenger business without authorization, ordered to stop the illegal business, and a fine of 60,000 yuan.

pure land on the car rental company, car rental with driver only request of the customer the convenience of customers, no extra charge, this is the industry norm, is not engaged in passenger transportation management violations without authorization, the decision finds that facts are not clear. Appealed against the punishment, the company had instituted administrative reconsideration, but the decision remained unchanged.

City's traffic law enforcement team said, under the provisions of the measures for the management of Beijing car rental car rental, rental car delivery within the agreed time charterer, charge a leasing fee, does not offer driver service mode of operation. Rent a car, in violation of regulations, the car rental company, Chartered lorry drivers engaged in road passenger transport operations, has become engaged in road passenger transport operation without authorization.

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