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Department of transportation to promote car rental

Car rental industry recently received attention. Organization of the Ministry of transport has recently held seminars, solicited views on promoting the car rental industry standards development. It is reported that through scientific evaluation, and comprehensive measures to promote orderly development of taxi industry and comments will be issued.

it is reported that at present, the total number of taxis had reached 110duowanliang, employing more than 2 million people, the annual throughput of 12 billion.  

according to the Ministry of transport and Road Transport Division, the taxi industry guidance office director Li introduction, for a long time, system along, regulatory lag, orientation is not clear and other reasons, the taxi industry problems have not been fundamentally resolved, resulting in overall service level is not high, affecting the healthy and stable development of the industry. Department of transportation would solicit views from all local authorities, to formulate policies and measures to promote the orderly development of taxi industry.

Department of transportation Feng zhenglin, Vice Minister stressed that management policies and regulations will continue to improve the taxi industry, and gradually establish a long-term mechanism to promote orderly development of taxi industry.

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