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In addition to driving skills, vehicle maintenance, fuel efficient concept also needs to evolve, flexible maintenance is key. See manual 5000 km maintenance time, didn't expect this month day open air conditioning waiting to pick up the kids at the school gate, first class is more than half an hour, engine usage has more than 8,000 kilometers. Travel for half a year, also in the House for six months, odometer is not words, but oil has been acidified. Many United States vehicles fuel consumption tables, display the cumulative total amount of fuel. Date of estimate, based on oil consumption and maintenance is the scientific method. If you frequently open air conditioning and others, it should shorten maintenance cycles. &Nbsp;

  fuel consumption;

a lot of people won't come on in a driving, on the one hand the City Road complex, the speed pick up on the other, mistaken for smaller more fuel-efficient engine load, this engine is always running in idle speed and low load condition. In fact, engine load, the lower the higher fuel consumption, and engine are not sufficient and easy to produce Coke, engine power cannot be fully utilized. Commonly used high speed gasoline engines of modern cars, when the engine speed is 2500r/min engine output torque, power, fuel consumption is in a better State, economy and power are better. To take full advantage of the optimal operating conditions of the engine when driving, observe the tachometer, by selecting the appropriate gear, control the speed of the engine. Normal traffic should ensure the engine speed at about 2500r/min, when l should be higher than 2500r/min. High speed and low gear or low speed high gear are not allowed. Master the shift timing is an important index to measure the level of a driver.  

weight loss on fuel efficient car should avoid bringing unnecessary items. If placed with 10 kg of unwanted goods vehicle traveling 1000 kilometers, would needlessly wasting 400 milliliters of fuel. In order to save oil, you should regularly clean the trunk, except for emergency tools, the rest don't clutter the best "please".  

Start starting fuel law correctly, it is best to slowly, rapid start injury, wasting fuel. It is estimated that rapid starting 10 times about waste of fuel more than 120 ml. Car start on the full or ramps, preferably with a block, moderate throttle. Empty, after starting in second, can change into third gear, gear high distance longer. Red car, pay attention to the roar of the engine there should be no sharp, because fuel consumption the most.  

a touch on the throttle to avoid fuel air gas pedal, throttle 10 times, wasting fuel 60 ml. Expedite the blocking process should be careful not to increase the throttle pedal is too heavy, is not more than the gas pedal the whole 75%-77%. Throttle opening control just below the fuel supply system fuel device before starting the job opening minimum. If not controlled properly, the accelerator pedal too much, even in the full open position, it would increase the device, it will add to fuel consumption.  

Select the right gear oil, engine running at medium speed most of the time, and throttle the right (70%), the lowest fuel consumption. In the case of roads in good condition, as far as possible using the top gear. Avoid excessive shift stays in the Middle for too long, it will get better fuel economy. If road conditions good shift should strive for rapid, accurate and balanced, so that cars do not cause large fluctuations due to shifting.  

fuel economy and protect the air ACE: keeper told me: in the Park half an hour before air conditioning A/c key, let the natural circulation of air inside the car, both to keep cold air in the air conditioner does not run, saving fuel consumption, more importantly air conditioning not Frost, maintain efficiency, longer life.  

how automatic fuel  

General car economical speed is 90 km/h, so driving the car should not worry when accelerating, braking. Smooth acceleration and braking of vehicles, traffic lights and should release the throttle early and coasted past; prolonged high-speed driving, highway driving if it will remain in constant speed of 90 to 100 kilometers per hour can also reduce fuel consumption. Rational use of automatic transmission is also important, you should shift always hangs in the d block, automatic transmission will automatically switch between the four forward gears, no additional manual operations. If unnecessarily in a block, b block, c block and d block keeps shifting between, only add to the loss of engine oil and fuel consumption. Red light stop, you just step on the automatic pedal, gears in D  block of location. Open only for trailers or to start the engine again. Parking brake is used to stop or hits a steep place to park. Third gear suited to hilly and crooked ways. Second gear apply Po Road, first gear, power the largest, on very steep slopes or snow or mud should be used on roads. Note that some oil in the province should be very effective.

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