Car rental information

Car rental information

Car rental vehicle 1, does the price include insurance, road maintenance fees, management fees, travel costs, normal maintenance costs, general costs such as vehicle management fees?  

  2, car rental prices include fuel, toll violation fines, parking fees, driving cars and driver service?  

  3, with driver whether to waive the deposit?

  4, chauffeur service charges?  

  5, car rental and mileage calculation method.  

  6, security deposit refund time, temporarily x illegal margin confirmed no refund within 30 days after they are in violation of?  

  7, whether the insurance premium does not include trans-province accident loss distribution?  

  8, rental cars you should know before renting a vehicle performance, prices and car rental documents required, best to fill out when vehicle health check {table}, so that vehicles are counted.

  9, booking by phone requires that you leave the detailed and relevant information has been prepared for a rainy day.

  10, book the best 1, 2 days in advance, booking vehicles require 2 or 3 days in advance of the weekend.

  11, car should be at least the number of days the number of days, such as not enough in advance before the drop-off time telephone renewal.

when   12, car, need to bring all the documents, most of the documents are originals.

  13, and after browsing the contents of the contract carefully before signing contracts before signing.

  14, departure and return vehicle should be examined, sign-out to sign documents (in particular about when the security deposit returned, transportation margin must write back any time during the contract period).

  15, driving a car, pay attention to safety.

  16, in case of accident, you should inform the relevant Department as soon as possible, be sure to have a traffic accident judgment proof or safety Committee, both of which proved essential for insurance claims. Insurance must be notified in the first time, no more than 24 hours at the latest.

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