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More than half a year, from more than more than 20 car rental companies rent out 25 cars, and to borrow on behalf of mortgage fraud in the cash, Wang used this old scam cheat amounted to more than 300,000 yuan. Yesterday, the fraud suspect Wang Feng Ze Dong Hu station has been arrested. &Nbsp;

is 27 years old this year, Wang Nan Guan Qiao, and his deception, very old-fashioned. Last August, the King said in a downtown Lake on a car rental company car rental, ID go through the relevant formalities, the leasing company then rented a silver Hyundai sedan to his. In fact, Wang, this is not a car, but to be "liquidated". Because he had heard that someone with "rental mortgages" method can get a lot of money, he decided to give it a try. Unexpectedly, this pass easily succeeded.  

then, Wang will itself as "owners", through false dealer forged motor vehicle driving license and other related documents. Wang met through friends after Chen, claiming he needed the money, to modern car mortgages to Chen, and promises to pay high interest rates. He and Chen entered into mortgage agreements and commitments such as the overdue payments, Chen has the right to sell the car. As a result, Wang successfully fooled a loan of 20,000 yuan.  

in this way, Wang constantly rental cars constantly mortgage money was squandered, is unable to pay car rental company car rental, also was unable to interest and principal payments to the borrower. Finally, borrowers and rental car companies to look around for him, Wang was flustered. The day before yesterday afternoon, he ran into the Lions Phoenix police station to surrender. Wang mainly in the Lake area, and yesterday police, Wang was transferred to donghu station of the Lions.  

police have now identified, from August 2008 to April of this year, Wang used the same methods, alone or with others from the city over more than 20 car rental companies to rent 25 cars, and then to borrow money on behalf of a mortgage, which deceived of cash up to more than 300,000 yuan.  

police said that car before signing the rental contract, must go through a variety of channels to the customers status, economic status, credit for a full investigation, carefully identify related information authenticity, not simply customers of documents such as ID cards, account of the taxi. By installing a GPS positioning system on the other hand, strengthen the management of rental vehicles


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