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Build a car rental business is a top priority

With 51 draws near, the city the car rental company's business is booming, but as a new industry, practitioners lack of experience, lack of institutional support for cheating rental events that provide a breeding ground. Today, the industry has become a high risk sector. Owe rent, rent a car mortgaged, sold ... ... Scammers modus operandi in the car rental industry. Established car rental business, is indeed a matter of urgency.

question one: owe rent to the leasing company yaozhang

Chen dong in June last year the public urban Jinling mansion South Gate opened a car-rental company, opening soon, CHAN Tung was cheated on several times.

CHAN Tung, told reporters that since pre-opening of his lack of experience, many times no redemption. "Owe rent to an economic dispute, only through the courts to recover debts. "Chen Dong said that the large amount of arrears is also worth going to court, but the dilemma often faced debts of 3,200, CHAN Tung, told reporters that in default of rent, he has four times to court to sue debtors.

reporters interview in urban areas more than more than 10 car rental company found that repossession does not give, as each car rental company headache. Chujie near a rental car company owner took out a debt list, this list clearly remembered "debt of 200 Yuan, 500 yuan in debt, debt 1600......" the boss said that although each debt is not big enough, but add these amounts together, and there are tens of thousands of.

problem two: car rental mortgage, leasing companies find difficult to

urban area beyond the car rental company Manager Jiang Yang talked about people looking for mortgages last year out of the car, filled with bitterness. "We ask customers to the car, he does not give, and later learned that the car was used by his mortgage, so we just have to try to find the car. "Jiang Yang said he launched a company-wide employee to find cars on the road, after a few days of observation, finally found somewhere in suyu district mortgaged car.

"while recognizing our company, but we have no right to seize the vehicle. "So Jiang Yang sent after the car, find time while the car driver unprepared, vehicles travel card to take out of the car, then alarm, reporting of vehicle road without a license. "Assisted by the police, we find the car. ”

problem three: cut the GPS, the car being sold

in order to track the vehicle information, beyond the car rental companies all vehicles are equipped with GPS, but even so, is known as a veteran con man of the crime is against the modus operandi, Jiang Yang told reporters that they had encountered such a situation last year.

"when the Chinese new year last year, we rented a car, and a few days later was sold by customers at 15000 Yuan lower at Suzhou. "Jiang Yang said, according to the information provided by GPS, they found that the car had fixed stops in one place for two days," transporting people transport does not open on that! "Jiang Yang feels bad, so hurry call customers phone, customers still do not answer the phone, not long after, car rental phone will stop the machine. At this time, Jiang Yang and then want to know from GPS vehicle location, information has been found on the GPS integrated dispatching system of the car turned red, "says it has dropped, which means the car's GPS was cut off. "So hurriedly drove to Suzhou Jiang Yang and colleagues found the car, due to the discovery of the early cars were recovered.

question four: to reduce the risk, and harsh contracts

according to understand, to guarantees itself interests not by damage, all car rental company are developed has near demanding of car rental contract: car rental people must is locals, and to handle car rental procedures Shi must carry second generation ID (fake of less), and left documents of copies, and contact phone, and must has civil servants or acquaintances guarantees, prior also to pre make 3000 Yuan to 5000 Yuan deposit. Although a series of measures seems to be in place, some rental companies said, when problems are encountered in their still low high perceived risk, and supportability.

"when customers return, notice of information we ask for illegal fee, most illegal information cannot be released in a timely manner, so that customers leave early, how can we ask for illegal fee? Sometimes a speeding 70%, punishment 2000 money, business is done. "The area near a car rental company owner Wang complained.

besides illegal bad have received outside, some rental companies said, rented car caught in a traffic accident, lessor fear higher fares, often flee the scene, so that the car insured, but the insurance company has the right to refusal. "After some people fled the scene, threw the car directly. ”

problem five: build "blacklisted" sites, self-help

Jiang Yang told reporters that in order to reduce the risk to a minimum, he spent more than 2000 Yuan last year on the Internet has established the "Jiangsu car rental black list" Web site, launching the car rental companies posting what debt does not sell, mortgage, car rental, cheap car hire, record the names of people, so that as long as blacklisted, car rental becomes difficult. "In addition to this website, we also set up on the QQ car rental management group, at present, we have more than more than 20 car rental companies joined the group, published a blacklist is 36. "Reporters saw in the QQ Group, members can not only publish black list, resource sharing, and Exchange Advanced management experience, to learn from each other.

City Public Security Bureau branch official told reporters, according to incomplete statistics, the city probably has more than more than 60 rental car companies, car rental industry is developing rapidly, using car rental fraud cases have also occurred. He suggested that the car rental company's employees, to form an association, there is a norm of self development, self management organizations. Meanwhile, the official said, the public security organs will strengthen guidance to this emerging industry, bring the number of crimes in this field control to a minimum.

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