Trends in auto sales and leasing

In January, the United States auto sales plunged to their lowest level in 27 years, Detroit's big three automakers in the recession dragged down even mighty Toyota all deeply. But the carmaker against, that is cheap is synonymous with Hyundai Motor Company (Hyundai Motor). Downturn in almost all automobile manufacturers months this Korea companies recorded a sales growth of 14%  performance.

whether this marks the Hyundai Motor Company from its more powerful Japan rivals Toyota and Honda coming out of the shadows and to usher in a new era? Now is too early to tell. First of all, Hyundai's sales in January 2008 and plunged 22%, is to a large extent due to the surge in current performance. The company also launched a large scale of discounts and promotions. For the Sonata sedan (Sonata sedan),  SUV in Santa Fe sport utility vehicle (Santa Fe SUV) and other models of promotional funds reached 2611 dollars per vehicle, 3 times about 1 year ago. Its United States Montgomery, huge inventory of a single plant, Hyundai Motor Company's scale of the production, to car rental agencies and selling cars: car sales in January this year  2.45 million, some 30% were sold to buy, this sale is really no profits to speak of.

Hyundai Motor Company, at least for a period of time can also be used low prices to prop up auto sales. Its business situation is far better than the Detroit auto industry peers. And the weakness of the won has helped it along the way. In the past 1 years, the South Korean won fell against the US dollar last 1/3, so that Hyundai Motor Company in the United States markets each selling a car can make more profit. But on the other hand, because the yen hovered at 13-year high, which makes Toyota and Honda's profits go up in smoke. According to brokerage company Korea investment and securities (Korea Investment & Securities) estimates that Hyundai expects 2009 US $ 1.5 billion in profit, more than half of the price advantage. Seoul Fund Manager Hangaram   Park Kyung Min, Chief Executive of the investment management company said: "monetary trends for Hyundai is a godsend. ”

creative borrowing

this Korea automobile manufacturers from that windfall took out quite a few uses for its elaborate marketing campaign. On January 3 this year, the company launched a plan allowing loans to car buyers and consumers will return, and loans written off without affecting their credit rating. Detroit auto industry are very concerned. Ford Motor Company's Marketing Director zhanmusi·Fali said: "in order to enable consumers to regain confidence, we everyone in the industry should be more creative than ever before. ”

in order to attract more American eye, Hyundai invested heavily into deeper into consumers ' homes. The carmaker to 3 spots in the Super Bowl (Super Bowl) has invested hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising in the tournament, one ad depicts a couple new Coupe (Genesis) was full of praise on this car at this year's Detroit Auto show won the international high profile North American car of the year award. The company also co-produced TV shows with Hollywood celebrities. In the Ford and GM quits after the carmaker bought during the television broadcast of the Academy Awards. Hyundai Motor Company is responsible for United States Marketing Director qiaoer·yiwannike said: "despite the economic downturn, but to press the accelerator is important to us. ”

However, the trend moves on to Hyundai Motor Company also may produce the opposite results. If the company does not cut group sales, resale value of its cars might be weakened, because rental cars are usually enter the used car market in two years. And once again won start stabilisation and high marketing costs will eat into their profit margins. With only a single month's impressive performance is not enough to prove that Hyundai models are correct.

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