Shanghai International Auto show the last review

Today is the Shanghai International Motor Show held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on the last day. The show is smaller than the previous auto show up 20%. GM, Ford and Chrysler have cut other auto show booth area, but at the Shanghai Auto show to maintain previous standards of size and; Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche intends to exponentially expand the exhibition area, Japanese car companies area of significant growth. The 41st Tokyo Motor Show held in October compared to the previous cut almost in half, the exhibition area is reduced to half. In the context of the international financial crisis, China's auto market outshines, is the only growth market. Vehicle sales in China for three consecutive months exceeds United States, as the world's largest car market.

pushing the methanol fuel subsidy policy. In 2009 China Petroleum and chemical industry opportunities seminar, China Petroleum and chemical industry association, are pushing for new energy hybrid cars that use methanol gasoline subsidies policies. Is the future direction for the development of new energy vehicles, new energy solutions are varied, which a new energy programme will eventually become mainstream there is still great uncertainty. With the maturing of new energy technologies, its product prices will continue to fall, will have a greater risk of large-scale investments in new energy projects.

parts supplier faces a liquidity crisis this year. Over 40% in the Chinese auto parts suppliers surveyed this year with severe liquidity problems. Auto parts enterprises in 2008 by the upstream raw material price increases, pressure of car manufacturers and raw materials demand. First quarter of 09, although vehicle sales showing signs of recovery, but vehicle manufacturers on the future Outlook remains uncertain, the destocking of the strategy adopted, making demand for auto parts, auto parts enterprises recovery lagging car sales data. Vehicle manufacturers face greater financial pressures, also stepped up pressure on the upstream component suppliers. By pushing down prices, payment period can be extended by means of industry risk shifting to the upper parts. This will increase pressure parts enterprises, financial situation better parts on the one hand to obtain OEM more trust, another to have a strong ability to resist risks.


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