Self drive holiday cool cars TOP the list

51 approaching, how this holiday seems to have become a hot topic. Body and mind began to Annai couldn't handle the pre-ordered would like to ride the good weather out sightseeing, car rental self drive holiday have heated up, introduced several models for your rental car break.

     no vehicle exists only as a need by nature, neither a car is not born for mountains. However, all found in cool, from around active bikers and the General driving donkey friends talked about and in the actual battle, can still find several common image, or style, or good at fighting, or super busy.

inclusion criteria

1, high frequency of travel, whether individual or car club forms;

2, performance or style with unique;

3, high quality;

Note: the import brands are not taken into consideration--do not reach and what a waste of time; cheap and the car will not be taken into consideration – without discrimination means only recommends buying a car should be good to yourself.

valiant: M6 lafeng

     led models: corner King M6

M6 car rental experience


1, although the chassis is not high, but poor roads through is also good;

2, excellent brakes;

3, shifting, speed is not intermittent;

4, corners don't flick, controlled comparative cool.


1, dare not think oil issue;

2, speed-increasing explosive force to be regretted. ''

platoon: cut off road

     led model: Grand Cherokee

car rental experience


1, good acceleration and smooth lines;

2, model size, more personal;

3, sex, comfort is good.


1, relatively little in the tank;

when turning 2, and Japan have gaps;

3, noise can still be improved.

Getaways: Picasso super busy

led models: Picasso

Picasso car rental experience


1, suitable for travel is their biggest advantage, even reflected on some details, such as the front seat back tray table;

2, seat comfort, trunk, and interior space;

3, model line is strong;

4, chassis, slightly higher than the sedan, and general road traffic is no problem.


1, on both sides of the rear view mirror is a bit small;

2, no sunroof.

other windmills

Polaris: a driver's car, on the road and pays homage to the car can do so at the same level, but the chassis is low, a little pothole, driving pleasure is interrupted, rebuilding process quickly.

Senna: good power hatchback shape, not degrading the family racing pedigree. Lack of skylights lost a bit of fresh air on a green field.

Passat: probably the habit is one of the many vehicle owners, this car actually has both corporate and leisure. Road Parma, though not like the former mad at every turn, but mad enough to peer a choke.

other field operation vehicle

Land Cruiser: reputation of the prototype itself was good, and domestic price advantage and after cutting a fight. Though slightly large body How to look less like a family car.

Paladin: domestic challenges of mid-range SUVs, before a full performance of the Paris-Dakar rally, which figure more recently appeared on the cross-country line of sight.

Cherokee: JEEP2500 actually can also be introduction to off-road vehicles, but a lot of people still love Cherokee and used Cherokee also has many fans. Many new soldiers of the Brigade is to begin with a hand-cut-cut life.

other super busy

Odyssey: the car is not belong to non-corporate, drove it to work and training, Senior Manager of the family picking people. It is said that it is in the South many families young and old join tours of utility vehicles.

premarin: casual play in Beijing, Hainan, but season is subject to some restrictions.

    echocardiography as action, immediately select car rentals to the outskirts of escapades.

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