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In modern society, the car has become a symbol of people's identity and status, as the designer suits and designer watches, no not the master character tastes reflected. For enterprises, also plays an important role, whether they are customers, to attend the meeting, or business activities and other important occasions, if your company does not have one or a few decent cars, commercial vehicles, they may cause customer's suspicions of the company.

corporate purchases require a one-time high input, although car prices dropped lower and lower, and for some companies, the purchase cost of capital is still a large, follow is to keep a car costs, cost drivers, overheads and other expenditures, but also increases the difficulty of enterprise management. In particular, under the conditions of the current international and domestic economic situation is not optimistic, enterprises should consider fully enhance the utilization of funds and avoid unnecessary investments and save costs.

with the increasing demand for commercial vehicles, in the car rental industry, rental is gradually rising, the service becomes more and more perfect. The demand for enterprise car is undoubtedly opened a door. Business car rental savings for enterprises not only this large sum of expenditure, eliminating the cumbersome management processes, but also in respect of transport facilities in no way inferior to the autonomous car. Meanwhile, Enterprise car rental costs can also be used as operating leases rental tax. Business car rental to save money, manpower and time, it is extremely valuable for any company resources, why not do it.

a few days ago, reporters for several unannounced visits to the national chain of car rental companies, car leasing, for example, enterprise business rental car customers has exceeded 2000, including Nokia, Siemens, Standard Chartered, GE Energy, Pepsi, the world's top 500 enterprises.

in classic business cars Buick GL8 car model, for example, buying a elite GT new car prices of about 243,000 yuan, for the various procedures and maintenance costs, even after deducting the corresponding personnel costs also need cost of nearly 300,000 yuan, for SMEs, is not a small burden. Also take into account vehicle depreciation costs, calculated on a  10% a year, you will lose more than 20,000 yuan a year. Of course, if you select the rental, you don't have to worry about these issues.

from the lease time can be divided into short-term rental and long-term rental. Rental properties: can be divided into driving and driving, such as your temporary need to bring family and friends and go on holiday you can choose short term rental self drive. For example: Buick GL8 common members of a Hi member price is 549/day price only 465/day on weekends, which is a Hi company boasts. As your membership level increases, you can gain more concessions. Car rental companies now service is in place, you can always pick up the phone and automatically delivered to your car as you call your driver and asked him to pull over just as easy.

reporters learned that many famous international enterprises prefer car leasing models, their rental car was the number of large, long leases, high requirements on the vehicle. Many car rental all year round hundreds of large transnational enterprises, there are also annual rent in millions of Yuan; some foreign companies also seek lease new vehicles. Seen from the purpose, much used for business cars, shuttle buses, cargo trucks, outsourcing has become an international practice for large enterprises to use the car, not only saves the purchase cost, savings in personnel costs.

financial crisis a lot of foreign companies have chosen to visit rent way, series of long tours so as to change the original, longer tours for companies is likely to result in waste, because a company long a car with two colleagues at the same time need to Charter bus captains are still not met, usually not used vehicles one is too many. Especially in companies Pack the car and suddenly customers important or an increase in the number they cannot meet. Using a Hi of short rent both convenient and flexible also save cost, for example: enterprise need with car Shi only need day or ahead of take two on can through  400-888-6608 of phone or 021-64680585 of phone to appointment national with car, and can according to need and the number to appointment himself wants to of models, and sometimes because boss accompany customer to to a home company open a is important of Conference, but away is near playing of and not right, but package days and too waste, Hi can provide one-way, point-to-point service, hundreds of days by a package to reduce the price to more than 100 pieces, so that both solve the customer's problem and greatly reduce the cost of car. So we don't need long tours and company's financial burden on my purchase of a car.

If my purchase of a car is not only a financial burden, and no company executives willing to drive to pick up customers. Reporter just met a company of Dr Mr is handle business car rental procedures, he said: "I is listening to friends introduced only to this car rental of, as we this just started of small company buy car car cost somewhat burden not up, but recently just received has a pen big single, tomorrow other boss to came, didn't car car is not as like, we prepared rent car Passat, is company also somewhat grade. "Mr Yang also said that he and many of his friends are willing to select when startup, because the economic situation is really hard to say now, to spend hundreds of thousands of very heavy, and vehicle utilization is not high, rather than rent a car ad-rent, and even with the drivers, and worry.

it is precisely because there are so many affordable and convenient, a Hi in the rental services industry rapidly in most Fortune 500 and the approval of foreign-funded enterprises. In today's market segmentation, product segmentation, segmentation, businesses, vehicles can be counted towards the service industry category. Reduce their load, raise capital, light body to deal with the increasingly fierce market competition, truly lead enterprises to success is a wise move.

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