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Recently, careful readers may find that, with the State this year to stimulate automobile consumption policies, rental industry also began to fluctuate, market prices, various preferential policies in focus before the Spring Festival. Like Festival during, some rental company of "Festival holiday offers car rental programme" in the, not only not price, instead launched has in the high-end car 66 percent of King offers; also some company Festival during launched 66 Yuan/days of rental price; for business and family travel, launched "long triangle, and beads triangle, and Beijing Jin line 6 article hotline offsite rent also car ex gratia 60 percent, minimum 96 Yuan up" activities...... These preferential measures introduced, to a large extent active rental market this year, biggest source for used cars in the future and provides channels.


in accordance with the operating experience of the leasing industry, 3-5 is the best rental car replacement cycle, and with lower operating costs and vehicle markets mature, leasing vehicle the best replacement period will be gradually reduced in the future will have more used cars through leasing industry into the used-car market. Said Zhang Haibo, Anji car rental companies, in the United States and other mature car markets, leasing vehicles in operation a few months after entering the market, and with the introduction of all kinds of good news this year, China's leasing market has already begun this transformation. In 2002, Shanghai Anji car rental brands Avis and the second largest joint-venture leasing company, SAIC motor car companies the advantage of entering the Chinese market.

in order to respond to emerging changes in the market, Anji car rental has begun with the parent company SAIC Angie used car business, optimize its disposal of rental vehicles, and plans to link the vehicle sales and vehicle disposal in the late, though automobile sales chain, operating costs are minimized. Auto finance company executives, who asked not to be named said that if car companies can use financial instruments, with the rental market innovation to achieve sales in the next few years, the rental market for second-hand car industry's leading role would be great.

but now there is also a concern in the industry, as the State's policy has been to operate vehicles and vehicles for personal distinction outlines different retirement period, respectively, in the subsequent period of used car transaction price difference between very poor, which is currently the main personal leasing market it very bad, and in some extent restricted the rental industry and the combination of vehicle sales. But this year the situation may change, with used car mandatory identification plan announced this year, these vehicles through auctions or the brand used-car sales channels at a lower price to enter the market and become a fast sale of new car model.

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