More rain in spring and summer car maintenance?


     check the battery and see if power is sufficient. Rainy day, owners sometimes encounter the engine difficult to start problems, sometimes even managed to start up, is also weak. Cause this problem most likely comes from the ignition system leakage because of damp. The key is to check the high tension line, once found is because the ignition system ignition caused by the wet side, engine performance, you can temporarily with a dry paper towel or a dry cloth dry Distributor and wires inside and outside, if aging leakage must be replaced immediately.

      Tip: clean the battery polarity connectors necessary. Owners can use the spanner battery polarity the connector screw loosened, the oxide layer is brushed clean with a toothbrush, ideally with sandpaper after the wipe, reinstall.


     rainfall, air humidity, auto brake fluid easily absorbs moisture. Some brake fluid absorbent the more serious vehicle brake fluid oil on the lid and you will see water droplets. Because most of the braking system is double-pipe vacuum assisted hydraulic brake, pass brake the brake fluid is extremely absorbent. If water enters the brake fluid, in the braking process, frictional heat to boil. Compression of the gas, brake fluid is compressed, it will cause a brake malfunction or even failure. Once the brake liquid water absorption, should be sent to service repair shop in addition to water.

     Tip: car owners themselves can be proved through three braking systems may have problems: brakes need feet deep, stepping on brake hear a noise, braking distance is longer than before, this one of three situations, going to the garage to check.

air filter

     car air filter function is to filter out the air in the wind as well as suspended particles, which cause the air entering the engine to clean. While wet weather can make dust and tiny grains of sand on a stick in the air filter, air filter blockage, then the engine will appear difficult to start, idle and other symptoms. General car air filter once at 20000 km, usually best at 2000 km and clean on their own, also good for the engine.

     Tip: you can open the air filter cover and take out the air filter, fall to the ground, the dust out, best when the car wash, car wash workers used compressed air to blow air filter.

cabin air filter

     in order to make the air conditioning in the heat of the day to a smooth start, avoiding trouble, and summer comes early to check the cabin air filter, if a problem is found, repair as soon as possible, so as not to delay the on air conditioning.

Tip: the owners themselves or by heating vessel to test the limits of air conditioning and refrigeration, as long as flat and normal temperatures, can be roughly determined by their feelings, air volume and temperature and used much can, otherwise we will be processing professionals.

tire maintenance

     tires and surface adhesion will be greatly reduced because of the water, this is the reason why the car is apt to slip in the rain. So before the arrival of the rainy season if tire wear, tread disappeared must be replaced. During the rainy season to reduce tire pressure, is designed to enable increased friction between tires and surface area, and increase adhesion, in fact, counterproductive, more likely to cause tire slipping, maintain a normal tire pressure is very important.

     Tip: check the tires, first look at its pressure, without supplies market to buy professional instruments. If tire pressure enough, will affect its performance on a rainy day. Then, observe tire on whether there is a foreign body, where there is no damage, to check tire wear a tag line, if it has been worn to the tag line, tire change. In addition, you can check the wheel alignment, vehicle owners can have on the smooth and wide roads, about nothing case, let go of hands, see vehicle there is no deviation, if any, that front-wheel positioning. Check the tires for uneven wear, if any, description inaccurate positioning.

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