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From tomorrow, I will be a happy man. Feeding horses, chopping firewood, traveling around the world. This is poet in the hope of a happy life. We cannot work and real life as free and easy as the poet, however, we also have holiday: in their own time, although not a horse swagger, but can choose the car rental, driving the car around the side of the beautiful world, and free, Fiat private. Spring has come, in the face of temptation warm spring sunshine, how can we not ready? Immediately on a car rental with family and friends, to have more play time and more desired travel route at any time, and avoids contact with a complex environment, infected with the virus.

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for commuters "2.1", in city driving for the majority of car rental, self drive holiday is a "campaign". Hundreds of kilometres by car, other than through complex road, still had to deal with bad weather, unforeseen circumstances that may arise, be fully prepared before travel is necessary.

1, develop self drive routes, scheduling travel itineraries.

car rental self drive holiday freedom is strong, but also must design a self-driving course before departure and trip schedule. "At any time to find a direction of throttle opening, what" playing, the result often is a waste of gas and limited time. Especially on a weekend car rental self drive tour, two days is not enough, if you waste looking for road, "detours" on it is not worth it. Self-drive route reference some of the information is the best, now many books and magazines about opportunites, can also be found online a lot. Prior to confirm, it is best to ask some friends through this route.

2, select the companion best should not be single lines.

self-driving car rental, has a lot of fans using the drive way is the kind of feeling of being free, usually with friends and family from a car on the road, but may occur at any time in the long run in a variety of accidents and vehicle breakdowns and family ability is very limited. In fact, many car dealers, vehicle owners will organize car club holiday tour, join their team is a very easy choice, simply enjoy the fun driving, solve problems threw the organizers.

If you don't like the big teams at home. Invite some good friends on car rental, walk two or three cars, is also a good way. There was a problem to look after each other. People bustle points, also reduces long drive boring.

3, double check before leaving.

since traveling a long distance and a wide variety of road conditions, the car is a big test. There must be as carefully as possible. A small problem has been detected, and have a safe ride. Conditional checks can drive the car to a repair station. Check and cannot even be perfunctory, tire pressure, oil, fuel, water tanks, engine transmission, tool, and so on should be checked.

in addition, before setting out the best simple look at emergency emergency maintenance.

4, travel supplies.

car rental self drive tours due to the often cross remote field, be sure to bring along items. Because I have a car, prepare weight and number of items without being too restrictive on goods. In considering the weight and headroom under the premise, fully take the car as a mobile warehouse. Sometimes bring one small thing, when they encounter unexpected, may play very effectively.

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