Car rental industry from Sanya reaction questions

With driving hot, Sanya car rental industry is gradually becoming a "high return". But many investors piled to join, also bring risks to the car rental industry in Sanya, foreign tourists driving difficulties, rental companies surrounded and car rental businesses to manage troubled car customers and investors, also affected the healthy development of the entire car rental industry.  

foreign visitors by car difficult  

"foreign visitors long term, high price, which should give the company a lot of income, but because of their driver's license cannot be used directly, causing us to lose a lot of customers. "Jiahong car rental company located in the East China Sea, Sanya, more international visitors than around, every day there are a lot of foreign visitors ' service and car rental businesses.  

"last December, I rented the car to a Russia tourists, but the guests just streets was stopped. "Sanya Jia Hong Xu Jiahong, head of car rental company introduction, visitors holding only their driver's license, was referred to the police for driving without a license, must be fined 2000 Yuan to release the car.  

"such losses can only be borne by the company as part of visitors take part. "Xu Jiahong said that the penalty, now the company's biggest headache encountered international tourists.  

in order to solve the problem of international tourism license, Xu Jiahong dedicated to traffic Police Department consulted, answer foreign driving licence, international driving license tourists if driving in the country, must apply for a driver's license, or as driving without a license.  

"re-apply for a driver's license requires not only a wide array of documents, test cycle is long. "Xu Jiahong said the time to apply for a driver's license is often over long international tourist resort of Sanya, which led to a lot of visitors eventually gave up applying for a driver's license.  

Xu Jiahong introduced abroad is not difficult to apply for a driver's license on the ground that she had applied for Russia's license, simply provide the relevant documents and a Chinese driver's license, notarized the other person will give you a Russian license, low cost and short cycle.  

"under construction in Hainan into an international tourism Island, in order to attract more international tourists, will research on the foreign driver's license problems, allowing visitors to play easier. "A lot of car rental companies also make recommendations on foreign driving licence.  

surrounded by   leasing company;

daily news from Sanya city in Hainan Province Transportation Bureau understands that due to the car rental industry in Sanya not set a threshold, resulting in many investors piled to join, current car rental companies registered in the industrial and commercial sector reached more than more than 200.  

"in order to survive, many companies keep prices down, and finally the industry is competing on price. "One person in the car rental industry, said this competition is not conducive to the development of the industry.  

"in order to cut costs, many companies use used cars, private cars, poor condition, self drive guests often broke down half way, once the accident insurance is also a big problem. " 

Hainan daily reporter learned that, with the advent of off-season price war intensified, usually a car of 300 yuan a day, now just more than 100 Yuan.  

one industry source said many small car-rental company has a maximum of five cars, most of them are linked to vehicles, these vehicles even if only 100 Yuan a day profit.  

"while driving in Sanya increased year by year, but the market is still in the process of cultivating, 200 companies a" Cupcake ", surely, we all are not getting enough to eat. "According to the car rental price war problems, many in the industry think it should raise the threshold.  

car rental business to manage  

daily from the traffic Bureau of Sanya city in Hainan Province, Sanya existed over more than 200 car rental company, was caused by regulatory vacancies.  

"to do car rental companies only need to register the business sector, then to a traffic police car door can be. "Sanya Transportation Bureau Deputy Director Liu Chong said new 2007 People's Republic of China prior to the introduction of the road traffic safety law, leasing industry managed by the transport sector, registered capital, operating area of car rental companies and others have provided, but after the implementation of the new law on traffic safety, no special departments to monitor.  

"However, Hainan Province, the departments concerned have noted problems in car rental industry, now has stopped registration, traffic Police Department has stopped leasing a car door. "Liu Chong said that Sanya, Sanya Transportation Bureau also car rental industry doing research.  

as the car rental industry is not in Sanya City Department of transportation management, the Agency can only strengthen law enforcement against illegal operators and industry planning and industry regulation is not possible.  

Sanya, Hainan daily conducted a survey over more than 10 car rental companies, many car rental companies charge said, Sanya's car rental market is growing, tourism, road trip, short-term company car will be a substantial increase in demand, if not strengthening supervision, disorderly development of the industry as a whole will create a lot of risk.  

insiders suggest, can establish a cross-industry regulatory system in parallel, allowing existing business, traffic, traffic Police Department duties.  

the finished car rentals located in services, sanyajiahong rental car company purchased two new vehicles today are not able to settle down early, said Xu Jiahong, head of the company also wanted to expand the scale of company, but now the two vehicles can only be idle, hundreds of thousands of Yuan in cash was frozen.

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