Car rental companies fall into the liars trap

Zhengzhou, a 60-year old woman was ambitious, to borrow money at high interest rates in real estate in partnership with others, in order to obtain the trust of borrowers from her car rental company has hired 30 cars as collateral. Yesterday, jinshui district, Zhengzhou City Court sentenced Du Jinling women on charges of contract fraud sentenced to 14 years and fined 200,000 yuan. The Court found, in April 2007, du Pont and partners form a real estate company, with high interest rates as bait, began regular interest, gain the victim's trust, to private borrowing of more than 3 million Yuan, while car rental mortgages to borrowers at ease. Du Jinling borrowed most of the real estate company, in part to pay the interest, also used to pay for car rental. Unable to recoup their investment by real estate company business failures, lenders keep Dunning, Du Jinling frantically from car rental companies rent cars more pledged to the others, while continuing to borrow to save the business, in the end, real estate capital chain rupture, the rent of the car cannot be returned. &Nbsp;

     according to statistics, from January to August last year, Du Jinling Corporation rentals car rental from 7 Honda Accord, Buick Regal, Elantra, Ford brand cars, such as a total of 30 vehicles. Identified by the Zhengzhou price certification center, the total value of more than 2.82 million Yuan. Jinshui district, Zhengzhou city, the Prosecutor said, surprising is that Du Jinling mortgage car "shortly" allow borrowers feel that "unbelievable". Du Jinling using high interest rate credit, high interest rates to borrowers, loan interest for the first time let the other person feel "she is speaking the credit", but then, there have been repeated borrowers to take her money. Lend a borrower du 600,000 yuan, du relief mortgage for him, 2 4 Honda Hyundai.

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