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One private car owners renting out their car to a car rental company to earn extra cash, and soon lost, customers also was gone. Private car owners, car rental company to small claims court, demanding damages. So, vehicle lost who should be held responsible? Recently, the intermediate people's Court of Fuzhou City, Fujian province, make a final judgment in the case, both cars lease contract contrary to mandatory provisions of the laws and administrative regulations, contract and related agreements are null and void, shall be returned to the owner Yang car car rental companies, unable to return the discount compensated 249,800 RMB. &Nbsp;

    2007 in May, Fuzhou Yang bought a "sound" brand cars, and signed an agreement with a car rental company, as long as other customers rent a car, he provided the vehicle and charged rent by the day. On December 24, the car rental company told Yang he lost after car rental.

     Yang on application to the insurer after the claims were rejected, turned to the car rental company claims, disputes between the two parties. The end of January 2008, Jinan district, Fuzhou City, Yang appealed to the Court, demanding damages from the car rental company of more than 310,000 yuan. Court of first instance rejected Yang's request.

     Yang refuses to accept the ruling and appealed to the intermediate people's Court of Fuzhou City. The Fuzhou intermediate court through the trial, believes that Yang car car rental companies rent sublet a third person directly and does not have the characteristics of principal-agent. According to the business relationship between the parties the fact that both cars lease relationship is presumed to be. Both sides of the car rental contract violated the requirements of road transport legislation on private cars not operating, then the decision was made.

     an industry pointed out that private "lowest common denominator", on the face of car rental companies low-cost vehicle to expand, private car owners would get considerable profits, rental cars are also cheaper to rent vehicles, the trial results but appears to "win," private "moonlighting" has sounded a warning. With increasingly fierce competition in the car rental industry, rental procedures easier. As long as 3000 Yuan deposit, plus copy of copy of ID card, driver's license, car can be worth hundreds of thousands of Yuan, in the proliferation of false testimony today, documents are often unreliable, the criminals are easy to abuse, car rental vehicle risks.

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