Automotive utopia of the countryside

Growth in car sales, we can do anything right? Try thinking, if the vehicle is not increased, what do we lose? Of course, manufacturers and distributors reduce revenue, industry practitioners, including you and I earn less!

    , however, everyone knows that, in this world, no market can only go up not down forever, especially when the overall downward, we of course will not be immune. Make no mistake: 09 will be one of the most difficult years in the history of the company.

However, some people are not afraid of evil forces!

     have a great leap forward and the per Mu yield wanjin hand in there! From the history of "glory" to ZZ needs today, we do not worry and fear! Then, pulling auto sales by all means starting from the top of the temple! --Despite the status quo, regardless of market development of the law of nature!   Such as cars went to the countryside! If we are pushed back 20 again to look at this policy, you will find these extraordinary stimulus policies are surprisingly similar and 30 years before the great leap forward policies.

cannot get the car to the countryside this newborn baby nipped in the bud, particularly when it was faltering.

    -anticipated car rules late last week to the countryside, this does not prevent a large number of micro-enterprises and distributors keeps on rising excitement. However, looking forward to lining up film of a car does not appear in, are now critically look forward to car to the countryside, maintaining a sober is more rare.

20%     2 month auto market growth rate, increase in mini-car enterprises 50%, these wonderful figures are a nearly lost the basic judgment of the market. We know that growth has continued. But we need to note: because in China, and loyalty in France doesn't make any sense.

but excited by the agitating villagers began an unprecedented expansion.

     "we are lending, but also transfer your deposit to the company account. "Qian Fu telephone that the micro-car dealers continue to suppress her excitement, supporting his argument is simple: car subsidies to consumers closer to 10% to the countryside would make them unable to suppress an impulse purchase, and that Qian Fu dealership's sales doubled in the County.

     by substantial government subsidies will certainly attract potential consumers to purchase in advance, but, through the stimulus of subsidies on consumer behavior won't last forever hyperactive. Once micro-car as a means of production does not bring the expected benefits, so cars go to the countryside for the owner's meaning is only to promote a micro-switch operations.

     of course, we will not go to the countryside the way the difficulties encountered "choking", as a necessity of the human civilization and progress, vast areas of rural land to enjoy human success of scientific and technological progress are not blocked, but if we are to change the embarrassing sales report blindly flock to the countryside, the face of prosperity and sustainability of the large mark. Moreover, rural traffic conditions and management level, frequent gaps of traffic accidents and local traffic laws, which would have many unintended consequences.

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