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Select the optional car rental, self drive holiday without a car.

     signs, the "51" the most sensible option is to stay at home. In fact, even at home, had to open the window to keep the air circulating. Why not go to where the air would have been blocked? And even if you agree that cover your old shoes my feet would not approve of, they all wanted to complete was released, a good feeling it was late spring or early summer. In other modes of transport may not look right when driving provoked it to shoulder the responsibility. Do without a car, car rental is the most sensible choice.

car rental-travel policy stages

Chairman Mao teaches us, "do not fight unprepared battles." Travel, too, do not you get on the do not know where to go. Getting ready for a trip is necessary: routes, vehicles and people. If you don't have a guy to hang in a room of the national map, go buy a piece of it. You may think that standing in front of that map is to satisfy an impossible dream, then you would be wrong.

Faw car club saw them hanging on the wall was a map, depicting each time out routes. Official said that each time they are standing in front of the map when they choose the route, discuss where several places. After you decide on a route, look for the little map of the place, or go to the bookstore to buy or to find the map publishing house, friends, their maps are often more abundant and more. In some strange places, the language may not be able to communicate well, perhaps desolate, maybe some personal views will influence your choice of the passers-by, so maps is very important.

how many kilometres and then try to arrange daily (preferably 300-400 km a day), every day where the accommodation. These arrangements should be reasonable and not be too tired and move on, best booked in advance good hotel. In this way, to strange places starts.

second is, of course, need to be prepared. If it is a rental car, pay attention to the car rental company's commitment and specific content of the contract. Next is the understanding of the condition, whether rental or your own car, definitely check the condition prior to departure to ensure traffic safety.

first to car of brake performance, wants to wants to last what when for of brake tablets, if is remember not up, so don't fear trouble, put wheels removed to check brake wear degree, necessary words for a new of; then see clutch device and hand brake, will car positioning row lane Shang, front keep a smooth of distance, hard pulled hands gate, in engine running Shi will speed document soon to placed highest document, and gently to relax clutch device, engine should completely stopped down. If the engine continues to rotate while car is stationary, then clutch is worn out in need of repair. If the engine stops car moved forward in the early, indicates that the hand brake failures.

in addition, also see the steering system is normal; damping device is valid; tyres have excessive wear; engine phenomenon such as leakage, spill and leak-free. Only can drive and then drove directly to the repair shop the full check.

third is people need to prepare, the companion of your choice. Many people often say, sometimes to a very common place, but because the same people who visit it is very interesting, so leave a good memory. This companion, first balancing the sex ratio, around for so many years of "men and women mix the work and not tired" is not unreasonable.

next character issues to consider, and some people does not mean he is a bad man, but with him is very annoying, so be sure to find some happy people. Don't be impatient people who complain, on the way who do not know what, if he is not to think about how to resolve it, and just complain or murmur, as you can imagine, this is a very bad trip.

arms of car rental-travel guide

the mood: one of three men to help. Away, around some stuff on hand, as one of more than a few, then your journey or what is there to say about it?

weapon: customs clearance documents. Vehicle and road maintenance documents are never forgotten. Even short of the suburbs, also remember with him. If hit checks, not only without extra pay, but also successfully increased the good index.

weapon II: customs in this way. Prepare some change, of course on the banknotes generally do not. So you pay the toll and parking fee will be a lot less trouble.

three weapons: with the tools. Truck-tool is very important for a man to drive it. Some glitch in the road is able to solve. Jack in particular, change a tire wrench and trailers, etc. Also put some emergency equipment in the car. Such as emergency lights, compass, and warning signs.

weapon IV: common drugs. Away from home, it's easy to get angry or bad stomach. So, the car should have these medicines: niuhuang jiedu tablets, such as norfloxacin, stomach should also prepare some stomach medicine. In addition, because this year the particularity of anti-inflammatory drugs should also be prepared and strengthen the immune system of medicine.

five weapons: Entertainment disc. Driving out to play this is a regular occurrence: several other people in the car were due to play too hard, often right under your nose to sleep. At this time, your favorite, or comic dialogue or music discs can help you resist climbing in bed bugs. But it will also let people sleep on the same bus, had to speak to you, it is called the stone.

weapon VI: communications equipment. If there are several vehicles together, every car has a radio station, which is also convenient to contact points before and after. Otherwise, got several radios. It is not, using a mobile phone. But in some cases is no signal phone and go out in the field, the roaming charges on your back will give you some "colourtoseesee".

car rental-holiday special guide

has been opened in the city, inevitably, came to the outskirts of somewhat at a loss. Especially the narrow mountain roads and the vagaries of weather and emergencies. So how exactly does it? Reporters consulted has a rich experience in cross country cross country club Zhang Yajun, the following points are some of his wild driving experience.

How to pick mountain? Go to the suburbs to avoid some mountain roads. Mountain roads are narrow, detours, one side either cliff or river, General vision is limited. On mountain roads will go slow, especially during cornering. To complete downshift and slow down before entering the turn, Automation also reduces a document. And is in need of attention, always stay the same when you turn the steering wheel angle to avoid significantly turn the steering wheel, or easily get out of control. Have power to remember, back to the steering wheel must not allow itself to go back.

while driving also should keep in mind: "drive does not see scenery, landscape drive. "But when I saw the scenery don't stop just to see if it was on the corner. Remember, cars must not parked in the corner. Whether there is the opposite, because the line of sight, easily lead to unnecessary accidents.

How to lane on a rainy day? Vision becomes poor on rainy days, so you should keep a greater than usual distance, traffic speeds are lower than usual. Because poor tyre wet grip and braking performance will be reduced. Effective measure is to increase the tire pressure, as this can strengthen the drainage other advanced wiper, which can effectively shave drops improve the line of sight.

How to steep slopes, have steep slopes should be timely shift, according to the slope and the climbing ability of the car ahead-for speed in low gear or gears. If the inertia of the vehicle disappeared after shift, will most likely be parking or car. If they are forced to stop, be sure to stop and start again. But each student in a practice before the test subject. Believe that there won't be any problems. But if not shift gears in time, have made car or car, don't be nervous, just brakes and hand brake stopped immediately, then everything was as before. So the first take, the second car to stop. Others will be easy.

had a flat tire to do? Because the road is far away, is the most common type of tire accidents. Therefore, the driver should have a good steering wheel at this time, control the direction of travel of the vehicle, and quickly close the throttle and let the car slow down. When the vehicle is slowed down steadily, gently step on the gas, and slowly make the car stop.

car rental-travel of sentimental introduction

some people go out to play to play at a time. Therefore, the Raiders had to add a sentimental here. These appear to be small, affecting quality of tourism as a whole. First, it is best not to burn the midnight oil. Because places are stranger, is safety first. Also note that while driving driving position, driving most neck and back pain for a long time, do not relax without success, but came back with illness, it can be worth the candle. Therefore, the last one more sentimental: the safe and careful.

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