51 small holiday rental car

The "51" may day holiday how? Many people have locked on a short road trip. "Certified car-free" family increased, car rental business, makes me very hot. Yesterday, reporters visited several car rental companies, found that many vehicles have been "taken".  

51 holiday, rent an endless stream of people. "Two hundred or three hundred Yuan a day to day family getaway, very good. "Car hire teacher Li said. The car rental company Manager said: "overall business was good, car on hand now to rent out one after another. ”

journalists, however, at the same time learned that many citizens feel that the mission not quite free, tours are a little expensive, if car travel would be good, fashion and money.

participated in many car owners of Li Mengguo accounts: from Zhengzhou, Anyang, about 100 gasoline, high-speed toll nearly 100 Yuan. If the owner was driving, the other with 4 "make friends", 5 points per person, costs around 40 Yuan per person, less than bus prices nearly 1/3.

Transport Department reminded private cars without passengers accident insurance, travel en route in the event of an accident, cannot be matched by the insurance company for compensation. Participants in the car once paid, and their owners formed the contractual relationship, the main compensation vehicle.

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